Sketches of a Merman

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Join us as we venture deep into the darkest depths of the ocean with "Sketches of a Merman". A limited run of "Sketches of a Merman" leggings made by Black Milk Clothing are available now via the Black Milk Clothing Website: Black Milk Clothings Website

 Black Milk Clothing Sketches of a Merman 


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Whilst browsing through the colourful Black Milk Clothing collection I’d noticed two prominent themes; Creatures of the Ocean and Zombies. With fans of Black Milk affectionately named “Sharkies” and the ever so popular mermaid leggings I thought combining a loosely based ocean theme with a sinister zombie-esk overtone would be a favourite among “Sharkies”.
After watching 3 or 4 documentaries on the deep I was sold on the idea. I realised pretty fast that I wouldn’t even need to embellish the appearance of some of the creatures, as they’re already scary enough. The creepy Angler Fish, Shape shifting octopuses and an Immortal jellyfish was just the surface of what I started to learn about.

I also particularly love the colours of the ocean; rich Blues and Greens and a varied blend of the two, I think green is one of my favourite colours. I also find these colours easy to wear so it made sense for the leggings design.
Black Milk Clothing was a pleasure to collaberate with. They allowed me to swim in my creative space and helped guide my towards the final masterpiece you see before you. The timeline and deadline for this project was not as tight which allowed me to walk away from the artwork and come back with fresh eyes soon after.

Live Art Sydney James Patrick
The entire artwork was illustrated with ink pens and textas, a portion was drawn live at World Square Sydney and the completion of the artwork was finished in my Studio.  If you have any other questions at all feel free to message me ☺


There are no framing or extras options for this Product. for full terms and conditions  in regards to purchasing these leggings please visit the Black Milk Clothing Website. Any further questions feel free to email us.

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