The Blood Sucking Truth (PRINT)

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Limited edition print, individually signed,numbered with Certificate of Authenticity. Price includes Free standard international shipping.

Original artwork - signed. Price includes free international shipping. If you are interested in purchasing the original, please contact me.

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Comprised of millions of ink dots illustrated with an 0.1 pen this artwork is about the Daily Grind of life. With Skulls, Mobile phones and various imagery hidden within the patterns and background the street sign as the central focus reads "No Personality 9am - 5pm".

This Artwork was illustrated slowly over a 4 month period with a high attention to blending the detail whilst maintaining a strong focus on creating some sharp and unbalanced edges to give it the raw and obviously hand drawn appeal. 

We can provide custom Artwork framing and mounting options at request. To have your Artwork framed feel free to email us for a quote.

If you would like to purchase the original Artwork feel free to email us today. If you are located in Sydney, Australia you can view the artwork prior to purchase in our studio, alternativley we can provide detailed images of the artwork on request to assist in making your decision.