Tina Yong x James Patrick

I met Tina Yong a few years back through friends of friends. Since then Tina's business has grown astronomically, amassing an audience of 800,000 plus on Youtube with her concise and interesting approach to make up, lifestyle and travel.

Like most creatives, it's always hard to find the time to stop and collaberate with such busy schedules.... but we finally got around to making this happen.

Tina Yong James Patrick Tattoo

As an artist, I often get asked to design tattoos (which I don't do anymore) and for advice on tattoo style, getting a tattoo etc. We thought in this video we could share our ideas on bodyart, growing your business as a creative and where our artistic inspiration and motivation comes from.

I guess the idea essentially was to have an unscripted chat that we could include you guys on, and which would hopefully get you thinking about which way to  target your creative talents. 

Feel free to check out Tinas Channel here

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Tina Yong James Patrick