I'm proud to announce I'm an artist in residence at the beautiful Park Hyatt Sydney. The Park Hyatt Sydney is nestled in Sydney Harbour with spectacular views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Over a 6 week period I will create a detailed artwork Live and I would love for you to come visit, have a drink and chat about the Artwork whilst enjoying the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

This is a Free event and visitors whom are not staying at the hotel are still welcome to attend. With an easel, ink and a steady hand...I will be illustrating an artwork of a Power Owl. I will be situated at the Lounge/Bar area within the Park Hyatt from 4:00pm - 9:00pm each Thursday -Sunday between the following dates: November 1st 2018 - 8th December 2018.

Park Hyatt

Lets talk about the Power Owl.
The Power Owl, or Powerful Owl.. or if you want to get technical: the Ninox Strenua is an Australian Owl which is unfortunetly endangered. An apex predator the power owl is a majestic and intriging animal that I've recently become fascinated with. At first our discussions with the team at Park Hyatt Sydney were around creating an artwork which ties into Australia in some way, and I really really really wanted to avoid the cliche token Aussie animal favourites like the Koala or Kangeroo.

The fact that not many people I spoke with new anything about this Owl and when searching Youtube I could only find a handful of videos on this creature highlighted to me that this was a unique subject matter we could shed some light on. Aside from the rarity, I personally find the Owl to be a beautiful and interesting animal to study and learn about, and illustrate. Over the next few weeks I will update the progress of this artwork and below you can watch the first of a few videos I will make on this project:

Thank you for reading my Blog and feel free to pop in to Park Hyatt Sydney when you can for a chat and see the progress of this detail illustration. The Hotel has some amazing views of the harbour and is a great place to visit, especially at sunset.