Hello ! I get bored easily, and I guess in many ways that's why I ran away from the corporate lifestyle of suit, tie, coffee and groundhog day. I've always been drawing, but it's taken a stupendous amount of time to turn my passion for art into a full time career. Ok , so now you're caught up on who I am and where I'm currently at, let's talk about the ENDANGERED collection.

Enchanted Cave

How awesome is this Cave ! ! .To kick off this project I'll be venturing out to the Wollemi Wilderness Cabins to get inspired and create the ENDANGERED collection whilst living and illustrating in this Cave. This collection will consist of a series of illustrations (both originals and prints for sale here on my website in July 2016) along with a special collaboration with the ever so awesome folks at Spirithoods.

James Patrick x Spirithoods

Spirithoods is an awesome online retailer based in Los Angeles who produce unique, aptly named Spirithoods (as seen above) to their global tribe members whilst donating a portion back to charities that help protect the endangered. This collaboration will see me create two unique illustrations to be made into a limited run of Spirithoods to be released in July 2016.

Both of the Original illustrations created for Spirithoods will be up for Auction with the proceeds going to charities supporting Endangered animals. To Bid on either of these original artworks keep a eye on the Spirithoods website, and this Auction will finish in July 2016 (Exact date TBC). Images will be updated of these illustrations as I ever so slowly make progress over the next two months, Bear with Me! :)

The awesome part is all Original illustrations come numbered, signed with an official Certificate of Authencity. We also want to run a few promotions, competitions via social media so you guys have the chance to easily win some free gear also so feel free to comment how / what you think we should do competition wise.

James Patrick x Spirithoods

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting a series of short videos to both my Facebook and Youtube channel which will show the evolution of the artworks, feel free to check out each platform for updates and don't hesitate to message me direct if you've got a question, I'm a pretty friendly dude who Likes to hear from you guys, especially whilst epically isolated in the forest in a Cave. 

July, I know, seems like  f o r e v e r  away.. but I'll do my best to be an entertaining host over the next couple of weeks as I guide y'all through my little journey from empty paper to beyond. Drawing, compared to painting or sculpture is definatley my first love so you'll most certainly see me in my element and I've been studying my ass off to help create my best work yet. 

Wollemi Wilderness Retreat James Patrick

Here is a few sneak peaks of the illustrations for this Collection coming out in July.

Amazing Drawing

Watch the Endangered Collection, video series below as we venture out into the wilderness in search of inspiration. You can also Subscribe on Youtube for weekly videos uploaded every Wednesday.

Episode 1: The Endangered Collection

Episode 2: The Endangered Collection

Episode 3: The Endangered Collection

Episode 4 : The Endangered Collection 

Episode 5 : The Endangered Collection

Episode 6 : The Endangered Collection - LIVE MID JULY.

So many people have helped get this project off the ground and it wouldn't be fair to not mention or properly introduce them, so without further ado.. here are some usefull links of the contributors to this project:

The Cave at Wollemi Wilderness Retreat is Epic and Lionel was a great host! It's a great getaway place to relax with no phone reception and 600 acres of awesomeness. Check out their website here: www.lovecabins.com.au

Kien from Dopesource Media, you'll see him pop up several times during the filming of this project as he treks with me whilst carrying a mammoth amount of filming equipment. Their Facebook is: www.facebook.com/DopeSourceMedia and if you need a Videographer/Producer etc. they come highly recommened.

Spirithoods are awesome but I think I already say that 2093941 times during the video series, but again I want to mention how refreshing it is to work with a company who wants to enable you (me the artist) to create the best work possible. Check out (spirithoods) the hoods here, (my colab peices up in June 2016 btw) :

Annnnd last but not least Jochen Spencer, he works at Wollemi Wilderness Retreat is a photographer-videographer and enthusiastic tour guide who went above and beyond to help us with this project. It's rare to find people willing to help you out without expecting anything in return. So definatley check out his Glowworn tours linked here

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope it's not way too long but I get so incredibly excited when I start a new project and well... I want to share that excitment with you all. Along with ENDANGERED release  in June I'm looking at exhibiting them in Sydney somewhere so if you're local it would be cool to have you come out for a drink and chat . My art I find always looks so much better in real life, social media is awesome! but nothing, absolutley nothing can really capture the detail better than it right infront of you.

Appreciate all the nice comments and suggestions, stay in touch and thanks for reading :)