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GoPro: Artist James Patrick

With a GoPro Camera strapped to my head I set about to give you the viewer an inside look into the evolution of my artwork for Black Milk Clothing. 'Sketches of a Merman' is based on the freaky, magical and mystery elements of the ocean all wrapped together into an artwork you can wear. Not a profe...

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"The Dead Sea" Collection Available Mid May

Leggings + Phone Covers and Prints! :)  Whilst researching the ocean in preperation for my collaberation with Black Milk Clothing (Sketches of a Merman Leggings) I fell in love with this theme. The ocean is vast and it's creatures are ever so awesome! so I couldn't stop at just one artwork. ...

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Artwork Pink Tank

Happy Mardi Gras, I'm Painting a Tank

World Square shopping centre Sydney has comissioned me to create two murals on one of their hoardings whilst a new shop fitout takes place. This is 50% progress on Mural number two. This artwork is about Slacktivism, the word is usually considered a pejorative term that describes "feel-good" measu...

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